Motorcyclist Captures Heart-Pounding Footage of Mercedes Driver Hitting Three Cars and Chasing Him Down

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A motorcyclist vlogger captured shocking footage on his GoPro of a man driving his black Mercedes allegedly while under the influence and hitting two cars in the span of seconds. The man in the Mercedes fled the scene but was followed by the motorcyclist who has a YouTube account with the handle “Dick Danger” where he subsequently published the video.

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The incident took place in Southern California as the motorcyclist was heading home from work. He was riding his 2003 GSXR-600 when a Mercedes came across a double yellow line and clipped the side of a car in the opposing lane.

Seconds after sideswiping the first car, the Mercedes driver corrected back into his lane where he then proceeded to rear-end a pickup truck. He continued his rampage by backing up from the second crash and smashing into a Prius waiting on a red light in the left turn lane.

The driver of the vehicle then sat parked for a minute and waited inside his car. When a police car driving past noticed the crash, the man began to flee once more when he saw the officer approaching his car.

Instead of letting the man injure more people or possibly kill someone, the vlogger hopped back on his bike and followed in pursuit. As he followed the driver from a safe distance, he called 911 to inform law enforcement where he was heading.

After a cat and mouse pursuit continued over the span of five minutes, the Mercedes driver finally came to a stop and put his hands up to surrender. Another bystander noticed the incident and came to the aid of the biker in case the Mercedes driver tried to drive away again.

“You should’ve stopped back there man, when you hit those two cars bro,” the motorcyclist told the drunk driver in the video. “I’m just saying I was wrong,” the driver replied.

California Highway Patrol officers arrived on the scene shortly after, and the driver was then arrested for the suspicion of driving under the influence.

Watch the full video of the pursuit below.