Mother of Two Misdiagnosed with Breast Cancer After She Already Underwent Chemotherapy

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Sarah Boyles, a mother of two, received the news nobody wants to hear — she was diagnosed with cancer. The 28-year-old was given the news by doctors three years ago, prompting an aggressive chemotherapy treatment and a mastectomy. It wasn’t until after she had her reconstructive surgeries that doctors discovered they were wrong in their diagnosis.

“Being told that I had cancer was awful, but then to go through all of the treatment and surgery to then be told it was unnecessary was traumatizing,” Boyles, who lives in England, said. According to Fox News, Boyles underwent chemotherapy, a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery before she was told she had been misdiagnosed in 2017.

The originally diagnosis took place when she was 25 years old after she had trouble breastfeeding her newborn. Boyles stated doctors told her she had triple-negative breast cancer.

It’s no surprise that Boyles has now taken legal action against Royal Stoke Hospital. In the lawsuit, Boyles was originally concerned that the treatment she underwent would impact whether she can have other children in the future.

“The past few years have been incredibly difficult for me and my family,” she told BBC. “While nothing will change what I’ve been through, I really need some answers on what is being done to make sure nobody else suffers in the same way I have.”

A spokesperson for the hospital accepted responsibility for the misdiagnosis and chalked it up to “human error.” Boyles lawyer explained, “the NHS has admitted to the clear failings, we are yet to hear if any improvements have been put in place to prevent something like this happening again.”

The spokesperson added: “Ultimately the misreporting of the biopsy was a human error so as an extra safeguard all invasive cancer diagnoses are now reviewed by a second pathologist.”

Thankfully, Boyles was able to have a second child after the treatment, but she was not able to breastfeed her second child since she had implants put in. Sadly, she is now concerned that she might actually get breast cancer from all the treatments and trauma she underwent.