Mother of Gang Member Whose July 4th Crime Spree Left 3 Dead Says Teen Was in a “Family” Not Gang [VIDEO]

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Savannah, Georgia is known for its southern hospitality, rich history, quaint squares, food and nightlife. Also being situated on the coast makes the city a popular tourist destination in the Southeast United States.

However, just after midnight on July 5th, as the city celebrated Independence Day, violence struck in the heart of the downtown tourism district.

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Shots rang out from a vehicle in City Market, which is a popular, outdoor shopping and dining area. A large crowd was gathered to celebrate the Independence Day holiday.

Three people were shot. Dozens of people then stampeded away from the gunshots.

Police, who already had a strong presence in the area due to the celebration, quickly initiated a pursuit of the vehicle. The vehicle then crashed just a couple of blocks away, hitting a crowd of people standing on a corner.

One pedestrian was killed along with two people inside of the vehicle.

Police arrested the third person inside the vehicle and have charged that person with three counts of felony murder along with a list of other related charges.

One of the passengers of the vehicle was Spencer Stuckey, 17, who was killed instantly in the crash. Now, Stuckey’s family is speaking out, saying the group “Only the Mob” isn’t a gang, but instead a “family”.

Here is the transcript from the WSAV interview (video below):

Gwendolyn Farrow: Only the Mob is a family. It’s not a gang.

Meredith Stutz: What is a family?

Gwendolyn Farrow: A family.

Meredith Stutz: A community of people who do life together?

Gwendolyn Farrow: They do everything together. They got each other’s back If something were to happen maybe they go help each other out on something. He many need a ride. He may need money. He may need food. He may need clothes, somewhere to sleep at. That’s a family.

“My little brother was somebody. My little brother was going to be somebody,” Stuckey’s brother Ruben Farrow said. “In Savannah things is different, all lives is not the same, all lives not the same. We don’t get the same justice that everybody else get. So we got to create our own justice. That’s it.”

The only person who was killed that was not a passenger of the vehicle and accessory to the crimes committed was beloved local restaurant manager Scott Waldrup who died pushing several other people out of the path of the suspects’ car as it crashed into a crowd of pedestrians. Scott is credited with helping The Grey, a nationally acclaimed fine dining restaurant in Savannah, to become the Savannah institution it is today.

A GofundMe for Scott’s family has raised over $20,000 in less than three days.

Here is the video interview from local news source WSAV with Stuckey’s family: