Mother Dies and Daughter is Critical After Safety Bar Fails on Carnival Ride [VIDEO]

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Carnival funfairs can be sketchy. That element of living on the edge is part of what makes trusting your life to rickety old rides so invigorating. It is all fun-and-games until someone gets hurt, and that’s what happened to a two riders when the safety bar holding them in failed. A mother fell to her death. Her daughter, who also fell, is in critical condition.

The pair fell 33 feet from a fair ride in Penjamo, Mexico. Irma Sanchez Albarran, 50, was killed. Her daughter, Nayeli Morales Sanchez, 26, also fell.

Albarran died at the scene.

Video captured the incident. The ride, a long bench that flipped riders in a looping arc, had a tragic malfunction. The safety bar opened while the passengers were being held upside down.

The two women who fell may not have had any backup restraints, such as safety belts, on, or those restraints might have failed. Either way, the other riders were lucky to escape unharmed.

When the bar opened, one of the women fell, but seemed to be holding on briefly. She then fell. The other woman fell, too, almost at the same time.

“The State Attorney General’s Office is investigating the cause of the accident at the Penjamo Fair,” The Daily Mail writes.