Mother and Child Wave and Yell for Help as They Become Trapped and Sink into a Deep Ball Pit [VIDEO]

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Footage of a panicked mother was captured after she and her four-year-old son fell into an especially deep ball pit and began to “drown.” Vivien Low can be seen waving her arm as she tried to keep it above the surface line and shifting around as she tried to determine if her feet would reach the bottom.

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The incident took place at a new attraction inside the Singapore City Square Mall, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

Low, who is 5’ 6”, said that she lost her balance while walking near the ball pit area, leading her to fall in.

On Facebook, she stated, “I could not reach the bottom and I could not stand up. I tried to roll over, I couldn’t.”

She also reached for some nearby netting. “I tried to find the net so I could grip it, I couldn’t,” said Low. “My son was stuck inside too.”

“I panicked and waved and screamed for help. None came. I seriously panicked and did not know what to do.”

As Low continued to fight, she managed to pull herself toward safety, along with her son and two other children who she deemed were in distress, just as employees began to come to her aid.

Low, who runs a parenting blog along with her husband John, posted the video to show people what her experience was like.

After the post was made, the company who operates the ball pit, Airzone, stated that they would review their safety standards, including the number of balls in the pit, but added in the jab: “Fun fact: actually, it’s impossible to drown in the pit.”

When Low’s post went viral, John clarified that the entirety of the experience wasn’t bad and that their son actually “really loves the ball pit” and that Riley got used to it after a few minutes.

“It really is quite safe, although a little out-of-the norm experience,” John wrote on their blog. He also added that the original post was a method of advising parents that they should accompany their children in the pit.