“Mosul Strangler” – Possible Serial Killer Hunting Down ISIS Fighters

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According to reports, The Islamic State (aka ISIS/ISIL) has instituted curfews in several areas held by the group after one of their fighters was found strangled to death in his sleep.

The group arrest at least ten people and took them to an undisclosed location as they search for the suspect.

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This latest killing could be part of a wider backlash against the Islamic State as the group struggles to hold together in an organized fashion.

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It’s been reported that another Islamic State fighter was killed after being stabbed by a resident who refused to a pay a tax being imposed by the terror group.

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The backlash from citizens comes after the group was driven from a large portion of Mosul by Iraqi and coalition forces. Some reports indicate that the group has lost some three thousand or more fighters in recent weeks.

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In a report released this week, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, ‘ISIL is militarily on the defensive in several regions, notably in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and the Syrian Arab Republic.’

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President Donald Trump has also instructed his Department of Defense to put a plan in place for defeating the Islamic State completely within the next few weeks. It is currently unclear if that plan will include United States forces back on the ground in greater numbers in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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