Moment Pro Golfer’s Errant Shot Hits His Own Wife in the Head Caught on Video

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A PGA golfer managed to accidentally hit his own wife in the head with a golf ball during a tournament, and the entire incident was caught on tape. Tyler Duncan, 29, was playing in the AT&T Byron Nelson Tournament on Friday when he hooked a shot, sending the ball toward the gallery area. His wife, Maria, was in the gallery.

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The errant shot was recorded by television cameras, as the tournament – which was held at Trinity Forest Golf Club in Dallas – was being broadcast.

Duncan, according to a report by the Daily Mail, “was using one of his irons to hit a ball off the green.”

Once Duncan hit the ball, it hooked left. The ball hurtled toward the gallery area, where his wife was standing, and happened to strike Maria in the head.

In the clip, Maria – who is wearing a white baseball cap – can be seen grabbing her head after the ball bounces off.

On Friday night, Duncan recorded footage of the incident, which was displayed on his television, with his smartphone. He uploaded the clip to Twitter with the warning: “Men-don’t try this at home!”

Duncan told PGA Tour officials that he didn’t know that the ball had hit his wife until after the end of that Friday’s round.

“I’m just happy she’s not hurt,” he said, “and I was with her a while ago.”

Duncan also confirmed that this isn’t the first time his wife has accidentally been hit by a runaway golf ball.

“Not long after we started dating, she actually got hit in the head by another ball, a random ball from the driving range,” he said. “She’s dodged two hits to the head. I’m sure most people can’t say that.”