Moment a Guy Performing the ‘Kiki Challenge’ Gets Slapped to the Ground by a Passer-by [VIDEO]

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The “Kiki challenge,” a craze that involves jumping out of moving vehicles and dancing in the street to Drake’s “In My Feelings” song, isn’t universally appreciated. Many public safety organizations have condemned the activity based on the danger involved. This time, the objector wasn’t a safety organization, and, instead of simply voicing his displeasure, he took it a step further.

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In the video, a man wearing a baseball cap exits a moving car as Drake’s “In My Feelings,” the song that is the focus of the challenge, plays in the background.

As the man begins to dance alongside the slow-moving car, a pedestrian takes notice, seemingly annoyed by the fact that someone is attempting the viral challenge.

Without saying a word, the pedestrian approaches the dancing man and delivers a massive slap, the impact of which can be clearly heard in the video.

After the dancing man hits the ground, the pedestrian backs up into view of the camera and screams, “No! No!”

Video of the incident ended up online and, according to a report by the Daily Mail, opinions on the clip vary.

Some commenters praise the pedestrian for taking a stance against the “stupid” challenge.” Others assert that the entire event was likely staged, even if the slap was real.