Mom Who Seduced Both Her Daughter’s Underage Boyfriends Gets Zero Jail Time [VIDEO]

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In 2017, a 41-year-old woman was charged with 21 felony sex counts after it was determined that she was sleeping with her two daughters’ teenage boyfriends, prompting her husband to divorce her days after her arrest. Now, nearly two years later, the woman was offered a plea deal with zero prison time.

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Coral Lytle, who lived in Tulare, California, allegedly had sex with two boys who were aged 14 and 15, according to court records. The two boys were her daughters’ boyfriends, and they began having sexual relations in the fall of 2017.

According to the Daily Mail, the mother of two drove 15 miles to a nearby town of Visalia each time she engaged in her illicit behavior. Both boys attended Redwood High School where they were freshmen at the time of the incident.

According to PEOPLE, the boys were given cigars and alcohol on several occasions when they met. One of the boys apparently felt bad about what he was doing to Lytle’s husband and decided to go to the police with what he called an “inappropriate relationship.”

When asked by detectives what caused the change of heart, the 15-year-old boy allegedly “stated this was the last time he had sex with [Lytle] because he felt bad shaking [her] husband’s hand knowing what he was doing with [Lytle].”