Mom Tries to Prank Daughter with Clown Mask, but Little Girl Fights Back [VIDEO]

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When a mom tried to prank her little girl by sneaking up behind her in a clown mask, things took an unexpected turn when the terrified child doesn’t just cry or run away but decides to fight back instead. The mother was hiding in a closet and approached the little girl when she had her back turned.

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As reported by the Daily Mail, the mother was wearing a menacing clown mask reminiscent of what one may see in a horror movie and was otherwise dressed in all black. She slowing opened the folding doors, exited the closet and crawled toward the little girl, growling as she approached.

The child isn’t immediately aware of the threat as she removes her shoes and holds a pink lollipop in her had. But once the realization hits, the tables turn quickly.

Despite the obvious fear the little girl was experiencing, the child fought back while still clutching the lollipop she had in her hand.

The girl screams but quickly enters fight mode. She lunges toward the horrible clown, trying to grip the mask with her free hand, and pushing the would-be threat to the ground.

Her mom quickly pulls up the mask to reveal herself to the little girl and calm the situation before the video ends.

Clown-based pranks are certainly nothing new, especially with the recent success of the movie IT, which is based on the Stephen King novel of the same name and follows a group of children who encounter a monstrous being that lives in the sewers and often reveals itself to them in the form of a scary clown.

However, this little girl’s willingness to fight back was likely an unexpected outcome from her mother’s perspective, and is certainly worth recognizing.