Mom Slaps Her Son Across the Face for Pranking Her [VIDEO]

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For many, being targeted by a prankster isn’t the end of the world as long as the stunt is harmless. When all is said and done, everyone laughs and moves on with their day. However, when a son decided to prank his busy mother, she wasn’t very appreciative. While the prank itself was essentially innocuous, her reaction was anything but.

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The video begins with the woman’s son setting up what he claims is a magic trick. A penny is sitting on a kitchen counter, and he says that he will make it magically appear inside the bottle.

The mother was already frustrated by her son’s request, seemingly not having the time to deal with the distraction.

Her son calls her into the kitchen, asking her to come to the room so he can “show you something.”

“Are you kidding me,” she replies. “I’m trying to serve people.”

She does make her way into the room, and her son discusses the magic trick he says he is performing. He places the water bottle on top of the penny on the counter and tells her that, after he says the magic words, the penny will magically appear inside the bottle.

“Where the f*** you got that from?” the mother asks, reiterating that she is busy and telling him to hurry up.

He covers the bottle with a piece of fabric and then says a few words before removing the fabric. He then leans over and acts like the penny is inside the bottle.

When his mother leans over to look in the mouth of the bottle, he pranks her. As he quickly squeezes the bottle, water shoots up, soaking his mom.

Her immediate reaction to the prank is to smack her son in the face and scream, “motherf***er!”

“Are you f***ing kidding me,” she says, all while her son tries to shake off the shock of her slapping him.

“Now you clean that f***ing s*** up, b****,” she yells.

“Don’t do that to your f***ing mother,” she adds, before storming out of the room.