Mom Refuses to Pay Babysitter, Claims ‘Free Ice Cream and a Day of Fun’ is Enough

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A text message exchange between a babysitter and her client, a mother, went viral. The conversation shows the mom refusing to pay the babysitter after she watched the mother’s two “easy kids” for eight hours. The mother claims that “free ice cream and a day of fun” should be enough compensation, even though she agreed to a $16/hour rate.

According to a report by Fox News, screenshots of the conversation were posted on Reddit by VortexThing, showing the alleged conversation between his sister, the babysitter, and the mother of the children she watched.

“It was great watching [your kids] today!” the babysitter began. “Do you mind if I swing by tomorrow at 2 pm to collect the money?”

“I wasn’t aware payment was involved,” the mother replies. “You got free ice cream and a day of fun… I’m sorry for the misinterpretation.”

The sitter then reminds the mother that they agreed to $16/hour in a previous text message conversation. When the mother acts confused, the babysitter shares screenshots.

“I’m sorry, but as much as I love seeing your kids I am doing this for payment,” the babysitter asserts. “Exclusively.”

“Well, you’re acting kind of stuck up aren’t you?” the mother replies. “Can we compromise at $20?”

“No,” says the sitter. “I watched your kids for eight hours and we agreed on $16/hr. $128 is the total.”

“I am not paying you $128 for a single day!” says the mom. “They’re easy kids!”

“It’s not a discussions of that,” the sitter states. “You promised, and I have textbooks to pay for. Please, I would accept $100.”

“Absolutely not,” the mother asserts. “I wish I didn’t have such a stuck up [expletive] watching my kids. I am going to block you now – please do not contact me again.”

Most of the other Reddit users were appalled by the situation, and some recommended that the babysitter consider taking the mother to court.

A few days after the original post, VortexThing provided an update, stating that his sister was able to reach the father of the children. After threatening legal action, the situation appeared to resolve.