Mom Pulls Kids Off Toy Car Moments Before It Bursts into Flames [VIDEO]

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Michelle Kline was spending time with her family on Tuesday, watching her young children play with a SporTrax toy jeep, a ride-on vehicle for kids. While Quincy, 3, and Nellie, 16-months, were riding the small car, Kline noticed the car stopped working. Then, she started seeing smoke rising from the toy Jeep.

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The incident took place at Kline’s home in North Andover, Massachusetts.

“The car stops, it wasn’t going anymore,” said Kline during an interview with People. “I was trying to help my son turn it around; it just stopped working.”

“Immediately, I smelled something electrical burning,” Kline continued. “There was some smoke coming out of the hood, so I ran up to them and unbuckled them and pulled them out.”

Less than a minute after she removed her children from the vehicle, the toy burst into flames. “Things were popping and getting crazy,” said Kline, adding that she contacted the local fire department for assistance putting out the blaze.

“If I hadn’t been right there, if I hadn’t been very focused and paying attention, it could’ve been really bad,” the mother of three added. “It was so scary. It’s crazy how fast bad things happen.”

Kline said she thought the toy would be “super safe,” stating that her children had played with the vehicle at least four times before the fire.

“You don’t spend that much money and expect the thing to set on fire,” she also stated.

A day after the toy caught fire, Kline shared a video of the incident on Instagram.

Kline and her husband, Nick, also reached out to the website where they purchased the vehicle. The administrators of the Big Toys Green Country site were apologetic about the incident and provided them with a full refund.

However, when they reached out to Rolling Hills Trading Inc., the retailer of the toy, company officials only stated that they were aware of the incident.

“It’s been hard getting answers about why this happened,” said Kline. “I put it up on my Instagram… it snowballed pretty quickly. If there’s something out there that’s dangerous for kids, we’re more than happy to share the video. It was important to get this out there. It’s been a real eye-opener.”