Mom Posts That She Dropped Phone in Toilet, but Family Senses Something’s Off. They’re Right. [VIDEO]

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Some people seem to have a sixth sense, a nagging voice inside that tells them when something isn’t right. When Kristen McShane posted on Facebook that she’d dropped her phone in the toilet and wouldn’t be able to call anyone, it set off that voice in some members of her family. And they were right. Kristen had been murdered.

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The cell-phone silence went on for three days. While “Kristen” was supposedly posting on Facebook, she was actually lying dead in the bedroom of her Orlando home. Her husband, George, is the one who had killed her, and the one trying to fool her friends on social media.

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This is 2017, though, and phones are easily replaced. Her relatives began to get suspicious.

Kristen’s cousin, Peter Mattias Ivestor, told the Orlando Sentinel something wasn’t right: “It just wasn’t like her to not answer calls. We’re a tight-knit family and we’re always gabbing.”

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Another family member had enough and went to the house to see what was happening. There, this person found George, acting very oddly. He seemed unusually distressed. So he called police.

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When the cops arrived, they found Kristen. She’d been dead for several days. George, who was in the garage attempting suicide, was arrested.

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After being taken into custody, George admitted killing Kristen in a domestic dispute. He claims he’d lost his temper and strangled her. After, he wasn’t sure what to do. He kept up the Facebook ruse while trying, unsuccessfully, to find a way to hide what he’d done.

Police have charged George with domestic battery and second-degree murder.

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The family, as families often are in such circumstances, are stunned by the murder. McShane’s Facebook ruse had actually fooled many of them. Now they’re left grieving for the mother of two and trying to understand what might have led to such a tragic outcome.