Mom Knocks Out Her Prankster 12-Year-Old [VIDEO]

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If you have kids, you may be able to empathize with the mother in this video. You may be able to empathize on multiple levels. There’s no boredom that compares to standing in the toy section of Walmart while your kid aimlessly moves from one toy to the next. It can produce a mind-numbing form of parental paralysis.

This video, though, has a surprising ending. As the mother, bored by the shopping, waits for her kids to get their fill, one kid is sneaking up behind her.

He’s put on a very furry Chewbacca mask, something that he and whoever is filming hopes will make for a good video.

“Tylen Ellis, 12, tried to scare his mom Tashila Alexander with a Chewbacca mask while shopping at the Walmart Supercenter in Chickasha, Oklahoma, on September 23,” Daily Mail writes.

“Bet Tylen will think twice before he tries to scare his mama,” Alexander said on Facebook. “He failed twice first video he ran into the ‘Shelf’ because he couldn’t see. lol haha first #SorryTylen.”

Tashila Alexander had two options when Tylen popped up behind her in the mask. She chose fight over flight, and socked the masked figure square in the face. And it was a solid punch.

As the video begins, Tylen is wandering behind her, struggling (we now know) to see out of the huge mask.

His movements then become somewhat more focused and her moves into position behind his mother.

Meanwhile, his unsuspecting mother seems even more bored. She’s aimlessly looking around, and praising one of her other children.

Then he is there, right off her elbow, when she notices him.

Her right fist connects with Chewbacca, right in his furry face. Tylen staggers back and then topples over.

The video ends in the uproarious laughter of his peers. It is hard to do the moment justice in these still images. Check out the video below for a much more entertaining rendition.