Mom Kicks a Boy on a Playground and Threatens to Make Him Infertile [VIDEO]

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Disturbing video has emerged of a woman in a community park kicking and screaming at a boy. Police are now asking for the public’s help in identifying the people seen in the video, which may have been shot last Tuesday. The disturbing incident appears to be some form of discipline for the boy, who is fighting with another girl.

“Police in Philadelphia are seeking the public’s help in identifying a woman seen in a viral video kicking a little boy on the playground and threatening to make him infertile,” The Daily Mail writes.

The video was shot at Tacony Park in Philadelphia. The scene was caught on video by Kelly Jax, who posted it to Facebook.

The situation appears to involve a boy and a girl who were fighting. The boy is aggressively pursuing the girl, and is kicking her.

The man in the video is trying to separate the kids, but not doing an effective job. “Stop kicking. No kicking y’all,” he says.

The woman then steps in and kicks the boy. “No kicking,” she yells, kicking the boy again. “You wanna kick? How you feel? You kicked her in the stomach, I’m gonna kick you in your f***ing nuts and you ain’t gonna be able to have kids.”

The boy tries to get away, but can’t. Soon after, a third kid joined them, the fight died down, and the two adults and three kids left the park.

“Any one recognize this woman,” Jax wrote on Facebook. “At first it looked like the kids were playing but she wanted her daughter to fight the boy.”

The woman reportedly told her daughter to “get” the boy. “The daughter grabbed him in a headlock and they both fell to the ground. The boy didn’t want to wrestle or fight her. The look his face said it all,” Jax wrote. “The little girl was on top of him and the boy kept trying to get her off of him and let go of the headlock, he rolled her over to the right almost hitting his head on the metal pole. He used his feel to push her off. … That’s why I started recording.”

No one confronted the people in the park, though Jax said a woman followed them out of the park and confronted the woman in a nearby store.

Police are investigating as they are concerned about the well being of the children.