Mom Catches Son Using Alexa to do Math Homework [VIDEO]

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We are surrounded by technology. While many nostalgic Americans are grousing about schools not teaching kids to write in cursive, the reality is that even typing is old fashioned. And why bother learning anything when you have electronic listening devices at the ready, just waiting for you to ask a question.

That’s what Jariel Cueva must have thought. His mother, Yerelyn, found him talking to Alexa on December 20th. Talking to Alexa isn’t unusual, but is was what Jariel was asking that caught her attention. She asked, perhaps jokingly, if she should “whoop him now or later.”

“Alexa, what’s 5 minus 3?” Jariel asked. It is a simple enough question, but Jariel wanted to make sure he was right. This was homework, after all.

“5 minus 3 equals 2,” Alexa responded.

“It was just any regular day of doing homework,” Cueva told reporters. “I’m in the living room, and I overheard him asking Alexa some math problems, and I could not believe it.”

Jariel, she added, likes math. She thinks he was just being “lazy.”

There was more, though, after the camera stopped rolling. “What you don’t see is after, he says, ‘Thank you, Alexa, for helping me with my homework,’” Yerelyn said.

Asking Alexa to do your homework is, technically speaking, cheating. Yet that’s not how many see this. They see Jariel as resourceful.

The video took off on Twitter, making Jariel a viral star. After the video gained national attention, Yerelyn shared another Tweet that showed “the young legend himself.”

School is out, so there’s not been an official response from Jariel’s teacher. Not yet.

And not all of the responses were positive. While most commended the young man’s use of his available resources, others wanted to take the mother to task for not raising her son to respect the academic process. Luckily, the internet was there to set the record straight.

Others thought that Amazon needs to compensate the family for all of the free advertising.

Some of the funniest comments show what really could have been accomplished if the commenters would simply take the time to ask Alexa for a little help.

And as for the whooping question, this is the best answer.