Mom Buys ‘Feisty Pet’ for Her Son and the Results are Hilarious [VIDEO]

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A mother purchased a unicorn stuffed animal from the “Feisty Pets” line of toys for her son and captured a video showing her child’s reaction when the initially cuddly creature unveiled a hidden surprise. “Feisty Pets” all look sweet on the surface but, with a quick squeeze, transform into something that could easily terrify an unsuspecting child.

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As reported by Fox 6 Now, the video of the introduction quickly went viral after Jessica Mags, a mom from Watertown, Wisconsin, decided to share her son’s reaction to the toy.

The post is divided into two clips. One shows the innocuous looking unicorn that quickly shifts into something more menacing, with sharp teeth and a furrowed brow. The second video shows her son’s reaction as the at-first sweet looking plush reveals its secret.

Mags did post that her son is “fine btw” and that her son’s “asking to watch the video and is laughing at it.”

Many of the comments posted by others on Facebook state they were amused by the video and several people ask where they can buy their own “Feisty Pet.” Some even suggested they’d be interested in introducing their children to the toy or that that this is something they “would do” if they had children.

The video was posted on Wednesday morning and has already been shared over 711,000 times and garnered more than 219,000 comments as of this writing.

“Feisty Pets,” a creation of the William Mark Corporation, are available in a variety of styles, including the option to purchase stuffed animals that display different expressions, not all of them meant to be scary, including sticking out their tongue or what was dubbed an “Evil Grin.”

The line also assigned quirky names to each animal, such as “Sammy Suckerpunch” the dog and “Grandmaster Funk” the monkey. The unicorn shown in the video is the “growling” variant of “Glenda Glitterpoop.”