Model Left Standing in Her Underwear on Red Carpet After Man Steps on her Dress Accused of Faking Stunt

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Yulia Rybakova was walking the red carpet at Cannes when she gave the paparazzi a bit of a show. It happened when a man stepped on the hem of her long red dress while she was posing for pictures. As Rynakova walked on, the man did not. The dress stretched out and popped off of Rybakova’s waist, leaving her showing off her assets.

Rybakova, “from Russia, had her skirt ripped from her body when she paraded in front of the paparazzi and a passerby stepped on the hem of her skirt,” Daily Mail writes.

Yet many feel like the stunt was staged. While Rybakova was posing, she seems to look directly at the man. Granted, her dress is almost the same shade as the carpet, but the whole set-up seems familiar to some.

As she walks away, the dress pulls tight.

It pops off of her waist, leaving her exposed.

She handled the situation, planned or not, with poise.

She doesn’t show any real expression of shock, though, which may be part of why people are accusing her of faking the scene.

And she goes back for her dress, but the man comes to her aid.

He’s there quickly, and wraps her up as she laughs at the predicament.

Rybakova, still laughing at the embarrassing situation, doesn’t help him get the dress back on. Instead, the man works to do it himself.

If it was a trick, it worked. The video has gone viral.