Military Professor Uses Animated ‘Friends’ GIFs to Show How We’d All Die in a Nuclear War

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President-Elect Donald Trump raised a lot of eyebrows earlier today when he used his popular Twitter account to suggest that the United States needs to expand and upgrade its nuclear arsenal.

Of course, Twitter ran wild with speculation, concern and outright rage. However, one person decided to take the moment to educate in a pretty funny way.


Naval War College Professor and author Tom Nichols decided to use the discussion to educate the public on exactly what happens when the president gives the order for a nuclear strike, and of course, he did it with GIFs from the popular 1990’s television show, ‘Friends’.

Let’s just get right into this.

First, the president is warned of an enemy nuclear launch:

Then, it’s decision time:

Once a decision is made, it goes down the chain of command:

Once this process it started, it can’t be stopped except by a presidential order, and even then it might be too late:

Then bad things happen:

Then maybe everyone can regroup and talk about what just happened:

At those talks a handful of people will decide if we should pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and start over, or, you know, go ahead and destroy the world:

In most cases, we probably all die though: