Military Mom Returns to Find Incredible Note on Her Car

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Jodi St. Clair, the parent of two military members, came out to her vehicle after finishing her shift at a hair salon to find something stuck on her windshield. Originally assuming it was a business flyer with a $20 bill, figuring it was simply an impressive advertising technique, St. Clair was surprised to discover it was actually a handwritten note.

As reported by Fox News, St. Clair, a resident of Sun City, Arizona, had added two stickers to her van recently. The first read, “My sons defend our freedom,” while the second stated, “Proud parent of a soldier.”

Removing the paper from her windshield, St. Clair discovered the note, and it brought her to tears. It began, “Dear ‘Proud Parent,’” and contained a request that St. Clair send the provided $20 to her “Army soldier for a meal” or, if the soldier was “in the Middle East” that the funds be used to “buy a care or comfort kit, or save it for his/her return.”

The note continued, “I pray for our military around the world every night, especially those serving in dangerous areas or in one of our wars.”

The note was written by a person who identified themselves as “Shelley” at the end of the message and was written on paper featuring the USO logo and showing Shelley’s name at the top.

St. Clair’s sons are both serving with the US Army. Her eldest son, 22-year-old Jacob, is stationed in Korea and her younger son, 20-year-old Daniel, is in North Carolina.

She admitted that being a military mother comes with its fair share of stress, but small gestures like the note do make it easier.

St. Clair is hoping the woman who left the note comes forward, as she would like to thank her for her generosity.