Mike Rowe Wants to Change How You Look at College Forever. [VIDEO]

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Mike Rowe, the former host of Dirty Jobs, current host of Somebody’s Gotta Do It, and American everyman took to Facebook again to attack myths of modern America.

Specifically, Mike took on the myth that “the best way to a good job is a 4-year degree”, focusing on skyrocketing tuition vs actual job opportunities with a bachelor’s degree.


Given that there are currently more than 2 million skilled labor jobs going unfilled because of a lack of qualified applicants, Mike wants to get people to re-evaluate what exactly a “good job” is. As he says on Facebook:

Bad news. The toilet at mikeroweWORKS World Headquarters is overflowing with the most disgusting assortment of excrement I’ve ever stumbled upon, and that’s saying something. The clogs in question are a metaphorical miasma of myths and misperceptions responsible for America’s ever-widening skills gap. I’m doing what I can to debunk these odorous turds, and I could use your help.

If you’re bored, (and even if you’re not,) please give this short video a quick look. If you like it, (and even if you don’t,) please share the snot out of it.

My hope is to start a conversation between kids, guidance counselors, and well-intended parents who still believe a “good job” requires a four-year degree. If you haven’t heard, college graduates now hold 1.3 trillion dollars of student debt. Meanwhile, our country has millions of skilled jobs that remain unfilled, the majority of which require training – not a four-year degree.

Part of the problem is awareness – people simply don’t know these opportunities exist, or how well many of them pay. Perhaps these videos will help correct that. But that won’t happen without a courtesy flush from all my like-minded friends. So please, give this thing a glance. Then, crack a window, light a match, and pass it on.

Many thanks.

This is a topic Mike has been passionate about for more than a decade and continues to promote through his MikeRoweWorks foundation. When asked about it before, he had this to say:

“You start by acknowledging that blue collar skills are not the opposite of white collar skills. You start by making the case that they’re two sides of the same coin. Then you suggest that the further that you try to separate those two paths, the bigger the chasm you create in society and in the workforce.

“Again, that is the divide – like a black hole out in the universe somewhere that sucks all sorts of great opportunities into it. It’s the perceptions we have and stigmas and the stereotypes around whole categories of jobs that fundamentally keep parents from encouraging their kids to pursue their careers. Likewise, if kids look at those same opportunities with the inertia of their parents’ influence and the pressure of their peers, then it’s not long before you start to look at whole categories of work as vocational consolation prizes – or being subordinate.

“That’s why changing that basic perception requires a generational kind of public relations campaign focused specifically on that goal.”

In the first episode of Hot Under the Blue Collar, posted 2 weeks ago, Mike took on the myth of there being “no good jobs left in America”.