Mike Rowe Blasts Economic Shutdown – “No Such Thing as Non-Essential Employee” [VIDEO]

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When it comes to both common sense and the promotion of working Americans, it’s hard to imagine anyone more in tune with the country than the former host of Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe. Through the work with his foundation, Rowe has been promoting the education and hiring of skilled workers in the US for years now. He is also a regular commentator on social issues and is known for his common sense takes on tough issues than often bridge the gap between conservatives and liberals.

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Not to oversell it, but there’s something tricky with the language going on here, because with regard to an economy, I don’t think there is any such thing as a nonessential worker. …

This is basically a quilt, and if you start pulling on jobs and tugging on careers over here and over there, the whole thing will bunch up in a weird way.

Rowe went on to clarify that of course, during a pandemic, you are going to look to your healthcare workers, garbage collectors and infrastructure workers to keep some semblance of daily life moving along, but that every job is equally important to the economy as a whole.

Here is the full video with Mike Rowe:

Currently, over 30,000,000 Americans have filed for unemployment in just a matter of weeks. This speed and level of unemployment hasn’t been seen since the Great Depression.

There are over 1,000,000 documented cases of COVID-19 in the United States and over 60,000 people have died. New York remains the hardest hit state.