MIG-29 Pilot Raises Landing Gear Too Soon. Gets Mocked on Twitter [VIDEO]

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Fighter pilots have a lot of things to keep an eye. The operators of these multi-million dollar aircraft have aviation controls, communications, equipment, weapons systems and their mission at hand to focus on, so it’s no wonder that sometimes things might happen just a split second too early or too late. However, sometimes, a fraction of a second can have dire repercussions.

In a video that has recently surfaced on social media, the pilot of a MIG-29 aircraft is seen attempting to take off from a runway and in an embarrassing gaffe.

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The Russion MIG-29 plane featured in the video is flown by several countries including Belarus, which is the reported owner of the aircraft in the video.

The MIG-29 was put into service in 1982 and was considered to be a direct competitor to the US F-15 Strike Eagle aircraft, which is also still in service by several nations today.

Over 1,600 of the aircraft have been made and put into service to date.

The aircraft in the video in question is seen screeching down the runway in an apparent standard takeoff procedure when the landing gear suddenly come up and the plane skids along the runway creating a large ball of fire trailing behind the plane as it continues down the runway.

The pilot of the aircraft was reportedly able to climb out of the plane after it came to a stop.

Astronaut and former Canadian fighter pilot Chris Hadfield made a quick tongue in cheek comment on Twitter.

Hadfield clarified in a reply to the post that it may not have fully been the pilot’s fault.