Michigan State Trooper Thankful For Two Motorists Who Stopped And Helped During Attack [VIDEO]

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Garry Guild, a Michigan State Trooper, is fortunate a pair of good samaritans came to his aide while he was being attacked roadside by two half-brothers after a freeway chase in February. A judge has since determined that there is enough evidence to charge the pair with attempted murder among a litany of other charges.

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The attack took place on February 20 this year on U.S. 31 near the Indiana border after Trooper Guild had attempted to stop a motorcyclist riding an allegedly stolen motorcycle. The rider, Michael Barber, 21, initially slowed down once before deciding to speed off in an attempt to elude Guild, leading the Trooper on a wild chase.

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After traveling toward an exit, Barber suddenly changed direction in an effort to get back onto the freeway, however, he only succeeded in crashing the bike into a ditch. Trooper Guild got out of his patrol car to arrest Barber when another car carrying Travis Wise, the 19-year-old half-brother of Michael Barber, pulled up just down the road. Wise put Guild in a chokehold while Barber gathered himself and then began to attack the Trooper.

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“I was thinking that I needed to get an airway and was having difficulty breathing,” Guild said of the attack. “I was audibly gasping and fighting for air. I needed to get to my backup weapon and use lethal force.” Instead, Barber reached for Guild’s holster, punching the trooper twice in the jaw in the process. “I felt I was at the end, about to lose consciousness,” Guild said.

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Fortunately for Trooper Guild, his heroes were about to arrive on the scene as well. First, a car driven by Jerry Burnham with his wife in the passenger seat pulled up to help, followed soon after by a second unnamed motorist that had stopped to offer his assistance. Together, the two men were able to overpower the brothers, knocking Wise off Guild, subduing Barber and assisting the Trooper with bringing the half-brothers into custody.

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“If not for passersby, I don’t know what would have happened,” Lt. Melinda Logan said. “Watching the [Guild’s dash camera] video, cars kept driving by. It took pretty special people to put themselves at risk.” Guild was treated and released from a local hospital for minor injuries.
Watch Guild’s dash camera footage here: