This Guy Tried to Kill Wasps With Fireworks. Destroys Building Instead

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Most people aren’t too keen on sharing their space with stinging insects. However, while the majority decide to use products designed specifically for ridding their homes of the pests, a Michigan man took an unconventional approach and ended up burning his garage down when he tried to use a smoke bomb to clear out a wasp nest.

As reported by CNN, Mike Tingley set off the smoke bomb hoping it would clear the wasps from his garage. A neighbor soon spotted flames coming out of the structure, leading to a call to the local fire department in Grand Blanc Township, Michigan.

But, by the time the firefighters arrived on the scene, the entire garage was engulfed.

Smoke from the scene was reportedly visible for miles.

A video was taken while the fire raged, clearly showing the addition of insult to injury, as fireworks stored in the structure began exploding.

Two other fire departments, one from Burton and one from Mundy Township, were called in to assist the Grand Blanc firefighters with the blaze, but the entire detached garage was ultimately a total loss.

Somehow, the flames didn’t do much damage to Tingley’s home, and no one was injured by the fire.

The wasps are presumed to have left the structure or been killed in the fire.