Men Are Using Hair Loss Drug to Grow Thick Full Beards [VIDEO]

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A lot of men have beards these days. Ironically, at one time, beards were considered “dirty” or “unbecoming,” but they’ve now almost become makeup for men, hiding or highlighting certain facial features. Numerous studies conducted by researchers with the New York Times indicated that men with a full beard were considered more desirable than those who had stubble or no facial hair.

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Since beards are now “in,” it would make sense for those who have trouble growing a beard to look for assistance in growing their facial hair. Consequently, some men have begun using a drug called Minoxidil on their face. Minoxidil is also known as Regaine in the United Kingdom.

The over-the-counter drug can be taken in two forms: either a pill or a liquid foam applied to the face. According to the Daily Mail, Minoxidil forces blood to where the lotion is applied and brings the dead cells together to push the hair out.

Minoxidil claims that 60 percent of its users see significant hair growth, which creates long-lasting beard growth, but since the product was designed for other medical purposes, many question if the product is safe to use in this way.

Adam Siddals, a UK citizen who had trouble growing a beard and documented his transformation using Minoxidil on YouTube, created a Facebook group called “The Minox Beard Spot,” which has over 55,000 members.

He told the Daily Mail that he isn’t too concerned about any safety factors involved with using the product on the non-designated area.

“I had a very patchy jaw-strap, a bit more hair on the chin, a tiny bit under my neck and a very weak, straggly mustache. It really bothered me, I was insecure about my lack of facial hair,” he said. “My friends always used to tease me for having no facial hair. They used to say, “Just face it you’ll never grow a beard, quit trying.”

Siddals added: “It sounds silly but I felt I had to prove them wrong. I remind them all the time that they are the reason I started using minoxidil.”

Researchers have suggested that the hair that grows from the lotion will fall out after users stop regularly taking the recommended dosage, and Dr. Bashar Bizrah warns his patients about the risk of using drugs for its non-intended purposes.

“Minoxidil was originally conceived as a vasodilator to treat patients with high blood pressure. But if you have normal blood pressure and you use too much of it you can end up with lower blood pressure than what is healthy, resulting in fainting and dizzy spells, as your heart is not pumping enough blood around your body, Dr. Bizrah said. “It’s also an irritant, which can cause redness and itchiness – an allergy-like reaction.”

Regardless, Siddals says the product gave him the confidence he needed.

“Now I’ve started being taken more seriously at work and I look older. It’s given me newfound confidence and made my life better,” he explained. “Taking Minoxidil is the best decision I’ve ever made apart from proposing to my girlfriend.”

The video below is one of Siddals’ beard-growing journey videos.