Memphis Riots Leave 25 Officers Injured Following Shooting Death of 20 Year Old Father

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U.S. Marshalls descended on Brandon Webber’s home Wednesday night to serve several outstanding warrants. As officers arrived at the home, the 20-year-old fled the scene and got into a car, where he crashed into several officers’ cars. Webber allegedly pulled a weapon on officers and was shot numerous times. But it was the aftermath of the incident that garnered news attention.

Upwards of 300 people took to the streets in anger after Webber was shot and killed by U.S. Marshalls. The protestors quickly turned violent as they spit at officers and threw various objects such as bottles and bricks, the Daily Mail reported.

The Memphis Police Department responded in full riot gear, but it didn’t deter the large group. Several protestors could be seen throwing objects and vandalizing police vehicles. One man, in particular, was seen on video throwing a chair through the window of a police cruiser.

As the crowd grew angrier, tension rose with numerous gunshots being heard in the distance, Fox News reported. Webber’s father claimed his son was shot 16 to 20 times, which caused the tense standoff.

At around 10 pm, after three hours of protesting, the crowd finally began to disperse as tear gas was being thrown into the large groups remaining. Webber’s girlfriend, Alorea Hardwick, reportedly went into labor following the news of her boyfriend being shot and killed, the New York Post reported.


Two weeks ago, Webber and Hardwick held a baby shower at the home where he was killed. After the violence subsided, 25 police officers reportedly suffered injury, with two additional journalists requiring medical attention at a nearby hospital.

Mayor Jim Strickland took to social media to issue a statement that read: “Let me be clear, the aggression shown towards our officers and deputies tonight was unwarranted.”

According to public record, Webber had been arrested five times for driving violations and drug paraphernalia. Moments before Webber was killed, he posted a Facebook live post where he claimed he saw police officers. In a joking tone, he reportedly stated on camera, officers would “have to kill me.”

The video has since been deleted.