Megyn Kelly’s Crew Bursts Into Laughter After Harvard Student’s Tale About American Flag

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Fox News host Megyn Kelly and her crew openly guffawed after hearing a story about college students opinions on the American flag.

The “cupcake alert”, as Kelly calls it, featured Rachel Huebner, a writer for the Harvard Crimson student paper. The Fox anchor asked Huebner to give some examples about students going full snowflake because their feelings have been hurt.

The tales included one student who demands to know if anyone in her class opposed abortion and, if they did, demanding they be seated elsewhere because she is “threatend” by their “offensive” viewpoint.

But what had the crew laughing out loud was Huebner’s story of a friend and his “offensive” American flag.

The student journalist took to Harvard’s own paper to explain the lunacy of campus “safe space”:

“In a recent conversation with peers, I posed a question about a verse from the Bible. A Harvard employee in the room immediately interjected, informing me that we were in a safe space and I was thus not permitted to discuss the controversial biblical passage.”

“Open discourse is stifled. There’s a lack of freedom of expression from students, from administrators and this is occurring at Harvard and campuses nationwide.”