The Father of Twins Killed in the Syrian Gas Attack Speaks Out About Trump’s Response [VIDEO]

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The attack on Syria was heinous, to say the least. Many people were deeply disturbed by the video of the victims. It is even more heartbreaking to actually lose loved ones in the attack. That’s what happened to this man who had to bury his wife and his two 9-month-old twins. He’s speaking out and it’s powerful.


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Abdul Hamid Youssef says he supports Trump ‘s bombing of the airfield, according to the Daily Mail, but he says more will need to be done.

“The American attack against the [Assad military base] airport is a good step, but not enough, because the regime has many airports which help it to continue killing its people and destroying liberated cities.”


According to the autopsies done, sarin gas was used in the attack, an attack so heinous that the US felt obligated to retaliate with a strike of their own. These bombing have forced thousands to flee, seeking refuge in other countries.


Things weren’t always that way though. “Before the violence in Syria, we lived in peace and were happy. Before the attack, my wife and the twins lived well, but then the criminal regime killed them, and 40 members of my extended family,” said a visibly broken Youssef.


Instead of watching his children grow, he had to bury them in graves Thursday. Since the recent attacks, Youssef says he doesn’t even have pictures to remember them as they too were destroyed.

“In my house, all the photos I had of my wife and everything I owned was burnt.” As he was putting the dead to rest, Youssef had to use cloth to cover his mouth as the chemicals from the attack still cling to his loved ones.


The 29-year-old shopkeeper was exposed to the chemicals himself as he was trying to help save others in the streets, but he passed out and woke up in the hospital shortly after.

Youssef concluded his interview with the Daily Mail asking for that one thing we all want – to live in peace.


“Syrian people are simple, we want to live in peace and freedom away from killing and violence. we want to live normal lives – we don’t like violence or terrorists – terrorists are feeding Assad and those who are helping him.”

h/t Daily mail