Meet the Father of All Bombs, Russia’s Response to US MOAB [VIDEO]

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When the United States dropped the Mother of All Bombs this week, other countries took notice, regardless if they made a public statement about it or not. Russia, in particular, in an obvious move to “one up” the US released video of the bomb they call the Father of All Bombs.


[Scroll Down For Video]

The FOAB was developed and test fired in 2007. The bomb reportedly explodes in mid-air, igniting a fuel-air mixture. It then disintegrates its target. The temperatures reported for the Russian bomb are twice as hot as the MOAB’s recorded temperature.

The bomb is similar to a nuclear blast as it produces powerful blasts and aftershocks but without the same radioactive fallout.


The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, claims the FOAB to be four times stronger than the US’s MOAB that killed 36 ISIS members, according to the Pentagon.


The FOAB weighs less than the MOAB at 15,560lbs but it still packs a powerful punch. According to Russian officials, the bomb is packed with the equivalent of 44 TNT explosives. Most of the damage that is created by Russia’s bomb can be attributed to its shockwave and high temperatures.


The US actually underestimated the destruction potential of their own bomb when it was dropped this week. US officials originally thought that the bomb would leave a 150m crater but instead it left a crater double that size at 300m.


The blast zone of the Russian bomb is allegedly double that, according to the Daily Mail.


Putin has been very secretive of the FOAB and its ability. There have been no pictures of the bomb, and it was rarely even spoken of. US officials had begun to think that the FOAB was simply Russian propaganda.

If Russia is to be believed, the FOAB is the most powerful weapon on earth.