Mattis Travels to Korean DMZ to Personally Stare Down North Korean Soldiers

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All eyes are on North Korea as their nuclear arsenal grows, and President Trump and North Korea’s leader Kim Jung-Un continue their verbal sparring. Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, is doing everything is his power keep a war from happening, but he apparently also believes a bit of good old-fashion intimidation couldn’t hurt either.

Mattis traveled to South Korea this week in preparation for President Trump’s first appearance in Asia later this month. Mattis spoke to the press a few times while he was there. “Our goal is not war,” Mattis said.“We’re doing everything we can to solve this diplomatically — everything we can.”

Mattis explained that his goal and the country’s goal is to denuclearize North Korea. He may say he doesn’t want a war, but we all know “Mad Dog” Mattis  is ready for a battle any time, any place.

Numerous photos show Mattis staring down North Korea soldiers from “truce village,” a location that has had a ceasefire since 1953, according to Task and Purpose.

Mattis declared North Korea an “oppressive regime that shackles its people, denying their freedom, their welfare and their human dignity.”

CNN reported that when Trump makes an appearance next week, he will more than likely not travel to the North and South Korea border.

With tensions reaching an all-time high, the decision to forgo the border checkpoint is a logical safety measure for the president.

The Democrats are doing everything in their legislative power to assure that Trump cannot attack North Korea without their approval — if it ever comes to that point. A legislative bill requiring Trump to get approval from Congress before acting is in the works.

A census found that two-thirds of the American populace believe that Trump should respond back to North Korea with a nuclear strike if the U.S. is attacked first. The percentage drops significantly for people wanting the U.S. to attack first.

However future relations pan out, one thing is for sure: Mattis will always win a staring contest.

h/t Task and Purpose