Mattis Spent His First Day in Office Bombing ISIS. Guess How That Went?

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Former Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis was far from a controversial nominee for Secretary of Defense. The lifetime military veteran is regarded as one of the finest military minds of the modern age and was an almost universally confirmed by the Senate and granted an exemption to serve by both houses of Congress.

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Democratic New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was the sole vote against the retired general during his Senate confirmation.

So, what does a lifetime Marine and universally beloved Secretary of Defense do during his first official day in office?


He bombs dozens of ISIS positions of course. He bombs them thirty nine times during a total of twenty five airstrikes to be exact. According to publicly released information:

The strikes were conducted as part of Operation Inherent Resolve, the operation to eliminate the ISIL terrorist group and the threat it poses to Iraq, Syria, the region and the wider international community. The destruction of targets in Syria and Iraq further limits ISIL’s ability to project terror and conduct operations, officials said.


Coalition nations that have conducted strikes in Iraq include the United States, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Jordan, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Coalition nations that have conducted strikes in Syria include the United States, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Denmark, France, Jordan, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

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The total number of aircraft involved in the missions as well as the amount of munitions dropped was not revealed by the Pentagon. However, we do know that dozens of ISIS fighting positions, vehicles, weapons and buildings were destroyed or rendered inoperable. Most notably:

Near Raqqa, 22 strikes engaged 12 ISIL tactical units; destroyed nine fighting positions, two tunnels, two tanks an improvised-bomb factory and an ISIL headquarters; and suppressed three ISIL tactical units.

Based on reports it is also clear that remotely piloted aircraft (drones) as well as traditional aircraft played a role in the strikes.

It looks like Secretary of Defense Mattis is on board with sending a strong message to ISIS at the beginning of the Trump administration.

h/t Daily Caller