Mark Cuban Wants Three Changes to the 2nd Amendment and People are Paying Attention

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Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban has stated in the past that he has been mulling over the possibility of running for President of the United States as an Independent. In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Cuban expressed some of the changes he would like to see happen to the Second Amendment if he were elected.

“I would go to change the Second Amendment in ways that people probably wouldn’t expect,” Cuban said. “One, every American citizen has the right to own a gun,” Cuban says. “Two, the federal government will never be allowed to ever confiscate that gun from an individual.”

Gun control has become a hot topic issue in this country and will surely be a significant policy issue in the 2020 election. The country is divided over guns, but Cuban thinks he has a way where both sides can come together and compromise.

“States have the right to manage the ownership—the purchase, ownership, and management—of guns owned and held within their borders,” the owner of the Dallas Mavericks told Yahoo.

He goes into further detail by adding: “If you live in a state like Texas, if the law in Texas is open carry, so be it,” he adds. “If you live in Pennsylvania where they are more stringent and they don’t want you to be able to have a gun other than in your own premises or under lock and key or you have to do a background check, then that’s up to them to decide.”

Now Cuban isn’t going into this topic blindly. He is well aware of how difficult it is to alter amendments, especially the Second Amendment.

“It’s not easy to change an amendment,” the “Shark Tank” host explained. “We’re trying to take a Second Amendment that has been analyzed up and down and backwards and forwards, and it’s created its own set of problems.”

Cuban isn’t asking to fully change the amendment; he is just looking to update it, which at this rate, could be a welcomed compromise.