Marines Sprint Toward Apartment Building Fire to Save Senior Citizens [VIDEO]

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When a two-alarm fire broke out at a senior public housing building, a group of Marines decided to rush in to lend a hand. Without any fire gear on, the Marines, who were in a barracks just down the road from the apartments, rescued residents who needed assistance and helped with the evacuation of the building.

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The incident took place last Wednesday. According to a report by ABC News, a two-alarm fire broke out at the Arthur Capper Senior Public Housing Building, an apartment building in Washington DC.

An eyewitness recorded footage of the incident, showing US Marines sprinting down the road so that they could provide help to the residents.

“Marines rushed into the building to rescue those who needed assistance and evacuated residents to the Marine Barracks Washington Annex where they were checked and treated for any injuries and sheltered until their loved ones arrived,” said a statement from the Marine Barracks on Facebook.

The fire at the four-story apartment building managed to burst through the roof before it was brought under control by the DC firefighters.

According to DC Fire Chief Milton Douglas, “We had four transports to local hospitals.”

While dozens of seniors were displaced due to the fire, no fatalities were reported.

The cause of the fire was not immediately known.