Marine ‘Whiskey Cobra’ Attack Helicopter Lands in Soccer Field to Retrieve Lost Cell Phone

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Six Marines stopped by a restaurant in a small island city to grab a bite on a Saturday afternoon, and one of them accidentally left their cell phone behind. Instead of returning by traditional means, the missing device was retrieved by servicemembers who flew two Marine Corps helicopters to the island, landing one in a ball field.

As reported by the Mount Desert Islander, the incident took place on Bar Harbor-Mount Desert Island off the coast of Maine.

According to Thirsty Whale server Jess Witherell, the forgotten cell phone rang shortly after the Marines left the restaurant, and the caller ID displayed a number for the Hancock County-Bar Harbor airport, located in the city of Trenton.

When Witherell answered the phone, the caller asked, “How far away are you from the town ball field?”

Witherell asked whether the person on the phone was “walking or driving,” likely assuming the caller intended to visit the local tavern.

The caller replied, “We’re landing a helicopter at the ball field.”

Based on the caller’s response, Witherell let them know the eatery was “about ten minutes” away on foot.

According to Witherell, the person on the phone inquired as to whether anyone at the restaurant could bring the cell phone to the ball field, and she asked Bryce Lambert, a dishwasher, if he could handle the delivery.

“I got chosen to be the person to go,” said Lambert. “I hopped in the car.”

While residents of Bar Harbor understand that helicopters occasionally use the field as a landing area, particularly those associated with LifeFlight, a helicopter-based ambulance service, a Bell AH-1W SuperCobra and Bell UH-1Y Venom took the neighborhood by surprise and even set off at least one car alarm.

“That’s not LifeFlight,” said resident Finn Jordan. “That’s an attack helicopter, like an Apache.”

The SuperCobra landed in the field while the Venom circled above. After landing, one person exited the SuperCobra and Lambert ran to meet him.

“He pulled the [Velcro] patch off of his jacket and handed it to me,” said Lambert, a sign of appreciation for helping the Marine out.

Once the phone was in hand and the serviceman back aboard, the helicopter took off.