Marine Mom has Epic Meltdown When Her Son Surprises Her After Two Years Deployed

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So much of the news of the past week has focused on the worst aspects of humanity. In the midst of the hard time, though, there is still a goodness in people that can’t be hidden. Watch the video below and you’ll see what I mean. It is a simple family reunion between a mother and the son she hasn’t seen for two years.

[Scroll Down for Video]

The son, dressed in his Marine uniform, comports himself like a Marine. His mother? Not so much. When his makes his surprise entrance at the family reunion, some of his relatives express some shock. There’s a general muttering that swells as he walks in.

His mother, looking the other way, turns to see the son she hadn’t seen for two years. She wasn’t expecting to see him, something that becomes obvious as she loses all sense of decorum. She bolts. He is left with his arms outstretched as she scoots across the courtyard.

Then he has to chase her down.

The mother , when she finally finds the words to speak, says “I ain’t seen him in two years!”

The video is a touching moment. It perfectly captures one of those aspects of parenting that is almost impossible to capture in words.