Man’s Newspaper Ad From 1865 Looking For Wife Has Modern Women Swooning

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Using social media to find a date isn’t unusual these days. But it was a lot harder to swipe-right back in 1865. The social media of the day moved at a much slower pace. No cell phones. No internet. Yet communities were connected by a revolutionary means of mass communication that allowed for some to seek companionship.

A 1865 newspaper ad written by an 18-year-old man looking for a wife has recently been found and, ladies, if you like knowing upfront what a man has to offer a potential wife, you’ll appreciate this guy’s ad. Apparently, this 18-year-old had game!

The unnamed man’s ad reads: “I am eighteen years old, have a good set of teeth, and believe in Andy Johnson, the star-spangled banner, and the 4th of July. I have taken up a state lot, cleared up eighteen acres last year, and seeded ten of it down.”

“My buckwheat looks first-rate and the oats tatoes are bully. I have got nine sheep, a two-year-old bull, and two heifers, besides a house and a barn. I want to get married. I want to buy break-and-butter, hoop-skirts, and waterfalls for some person of the female persuasion during life. That’s what’s the matter with me. But I don’t know how to do it.”

The ad shows a simpler time when you only needed a “good set of teeth” and a big plot of land to have the girls traveling to see your buckwheat. Can you imagine how bad most people’s teeth must have been in the 18th century if having a “good set” was worth mentioning?

As far as the Andy Johnson portion, who knows? Perhaps that’s just this young man’s way of showing that he is all about supporting ‘Murica?

Did having a plethora of livestock really get the ladies all hot and bothered back then? If so, this further cements that claim of the 19th century being a much simpler time.

This 18-year-old man would be astounded by Tinder and Craigslist if he were around today. But I have to say I would love to help him create his profile!