Man’s Gun Seized After Stopping Armed Robbery. Gun Shop Steps Up With Replacement

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A 66-year-old man found himself on the wrong side of a gun on Friday night while sitting in his SUV. The two assailants robbed the man and stole his firearm from his glove box. But there was one thing the robbers didn’t account for, another gun.


As the two assailants, who are now named as 21-year-old Devin Wilbert and 22-year-old Quantavis Jones, were leaving the scene, the SUV owner, Billy Harrel, pulled a concealed weapon and shot Wilbert. Shortly after, officers located Jones and arrested the two would-be robbers.

They were both charged with armed robbery and aggravated assault. Harrel, who is manager at Ole Times Country Buffet, was commended for his quick action by the Telfair County Sheriff Department. “He’s done a good thing,” local sheriff, Chris Steverson said.

“At some point during the terrifying encounter, the manager decided that he would not go down without a fight and produced his own weapon and began firing at the two thugs who I am sure began screaming like two prepubescent girls as they fled,” Steverson said. “I commend him for having his own personal protection, and for being prepared to use it, most likely saving his own life as he faced death from those two sacks of human waste.”


A local gun store took notice of the heroic act and heard that Harrel’s weapons had been taken in for evidence. “There’s nothing I hate worse than a thief,” co-owner of CL Defense, Chris Ellis said.

Harrel will eventually get his firearms back, but Ellis and his co-owner, Lamar Marshall wanted to make sure he was protected until his guns were returned from evidence. So the two owners gave him a free new Smith & Wesson .38 Special, a gun that retails around $400.
Harrel was reportedly very appreciative of the kind gesture put forth by the two owners. “We’re strong supporters of the Second Amendment, and we just wanted to help,” Ellis said.
Ellis, who is a Middle School principal full-time and runs the gun store part-time, echoed what others are coming to terms with, “The world is a dangerous place, and I think it’s getting worse by the day.”