MANHUNT: Inmates Shoot and Kill Two Deputies and Escape Custody

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It has been an active week for jail breaks. Four inmates, including one convicted of 1st degree murder, escaped from a prison in Oklahoma. And now two prisoners are believed to have killed guards and escaped into the woods of rural Georgia. A manhunt is underway fro the two suspects now.

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The inmates in question were on a work detail in Putnam County. While they were traveling on a prison bus, the pair managed to overpower the guards. Two of them were killed. The inmates then ran.

Donnie Russell Rowe, 43, and Ricky Dubose, 24, have been identified by the Georgia Department of Corrections as the escaped inmates.

Rowe, who goes by the nickname “Whiskey,” and Dubose were both serving time for separate armed robberies. He’d been sentenced to life without parole.   Rowe has been incarcerated since June 2002. Dubose has only been in for two years.

The public is being urged to avoid the prisoners. Both are armed with .40 caliber Glock pistols that are standard issue for the officers they killed.

The deceased officers have not yet been identified, though they worked for the Putnam County’s Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Howard Sills said in a press conference.

The incident occurred southeast of Atlanta, an heavily wooded area marked by rampant urban sprawl. Teresa Slade, Putnam County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman, said a witness watched the men escape in” a dark green Honda with a Georgia tag: RBJ6601.” It is not known at this point if that escape was planned or spontaneous, or if the Honda was waiting for the pair or if the car was stolen.

The escape has drawn national attention. U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, speaking at a Senate budget panel hearing in Washington Tuesday, noted that he’s committing federal resources to catch the escapees.

“An attack on any American law enforcement officer is an attack on every American law enforcement officer and the principles we all believe in,” Rosenstein said.