Man Writes Fake Review of Axe Throwing Facility. The Owner’s Response is Savage

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Bad reviews on Yelp usually have to be taken with a grain of salt. While some people may genuinely have subpar experiences at an establishment, others use their reviews to harm a company’s reputation by making up a situation that didn’t actually occur. One axe throwing facility didn’t just ignore a fake review. Instead, the owner posted a savage response.

A Yelp user, writing under the name “George B.,” posted a negative review on the page for Blade & Timber KC, an axe throwing facility located in Leawood, Kansas.

Images of the review appeared on Imgur, posted by a user who said that they work for the company.

“Terrible experience at Blade and Timber,” wrote George B. “Employee, Jordan, treated my party terribly. Was monitoring and staring at us throughout our hour time slot. Would not give us our preferred experience.”

“Then proceeded to make us leave the premises because my friend was Hispanic,” George B. continued. “He was acting wrong to my Hispanic friend ok his birthday the entirety on our experience and I do not feel as if he was treated right.

“Please do not go to Blade and Timber as I do not want anyone to have the experience that I have had. Jordan should be re-evaluated as an employee.”

Matt B., the owner of the Blade & Timber location, decided to reply to George B.’s review.

“’George’, I am SO glad you had the audacity to write this review,” Matt B. began. “I don’t often get to step in and respond to reviews, largely because my staff is so dang incredible. But when you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.”

“First and foremost, Jordan is an amazing employee and team leader. He was watching you like a hawk because your party was acting stupid and illegally sharing beers with guests under 21 years old,” he continued.

“I don’t care about your background, gender identity, country of origin, the color your skin or the language you speak. But I do care if you are breaking the law in our facility. We are one of the safest axe throwing facilities in the country. We take great pride in setting the bar across the industry and doing things the right way.”

“Of equal importance, we take great pride in serving our customers well,” wrote Matt B. “We’ve served hundreds of thousands of customers at six locations across the nation, and we’ve had to throw out fewer people than I can actually count on my two hands.”

“The best part of this is that you tried to paint a picture of my man Jordan as rude and racist,” the owner added. “This is the exact same Jordan whose own mother immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico. You have the audacity to call out a staff member by name, yet you have to make up a story and hide behind a fake Yelp alias to try to stir the pot. If one of our staff members was actually being racist (or any of the other myriad of things we don’t stand for), I can assure you that we would take action. But in this scenario, you’re just using a fake name to tell a fake story to try and paint a fake picture about a real and honest person just trying to do his job. I can’t let that fly here.”

“If I could give you a yelp rating, you would earn zero stars.”

Then, Matt B. took his reply to the next level. He addressed the Hispanic community in Spanish, assuring them that they are all welcome.

Matt B. also offered, as a “tribute to fake George,” a 15 percent discount to anyone who booked a reservation and entered the code “GeorgeEsUnMetiroso,” which translates to “George is a liar,” before signing off with a simple “thank you.”