Man Walks Out of Hospital With a Knife Still in His Back… for Cigarette Break [VIDEO]

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When one man had a craving for some nicotine, he didn’t let pain stop him. Instead, he decided to exit the hospital, all with a knife still plunged deeply between his shoulder blades. The man certainly didn’t move quickly as he worked his way outside, obviously trying to keep his back immobile, but apparently having a cigarette was that important.

Vladamir, 34, had arrived at a hospital in Kazan, Russia after he was injured in a “drunken fight.” According to a report by Unilad, the details surrounding the incident are not known, but the handle of a knife that ended up deep in his back was clearly visible.

The members of the medical staff were getting Vladamir undressed, preparing to treat his wound, when the man decided he needed a cigarette.

Vladamir informed the medics that he “had something to do,” then got up and headed outside.

Nurses followed after Vladamir, asking him where he was going and if he was “mad.”

“It’s winter outside,” said one nurse. “Come back.”

As Vladamir worked his way outside, he had to grab a gurney rail for support, appearing to be overcome by pain for a moment. But he wasn’t deterred, choosing not to turn back and return to the hospital’s treatment area.

Vladamir was also heading outside as temperatures were sitting at approximately 14 degrees Fahrenheit. At that point, he was only in his underwear.

He also did not appear to have any cigarettes with him, possibly hoping that another person outside would have one they were willing to give him.

Vladamir was ultimately unsuccessful in his quest for nicotine and was persuaded to return inside by doctors who informed him that he was risking his life.

“Young man, you are going to die now,” said one. “Let’s go, have an injection, and you go home.”

As he worked his way back inside, a nurse encouraged him along, saying, “Yes, we’ll make an injection and let you go home. Come on, come with me. Go, go. Keep going. Go and lie down.”

Vladamir ended up having surgery to remove the knife and was listed in “stable” condition.