Man Spends 15 Minutes Reeling in a Shark. Shark Bites Him on the Boat [VIDEO]

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Fishing takes patience and a significant amount of stamina. However, it also comes with a payoff if a person manages to land something impressive or delicious. A group of guys decided to charter a fishing boat while on vacation. After a few hours of reeling in bluefish, the captain decided the fishermen should set their eyes on a shark.

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The fishermen – identified as Colton, Elliot, Mike, and Phil – were on vacation in Hatteras, North Carolina on June 30. The group spent a few hours fishing for bluefish before the captain thought it was a good idea to put them on a shark.

In about 10 minutes, Colton got a shark on his hook. He battled the shark for about 15 minutes, slowly reeling it in.

When the shark got close enough to the boat, Rick, the captain, and Josh, the first mate, gaffed the shark and pulled it over the boat’s edge.

They started moving the shark toward the deck, but it wasn’t going to go down without a fight. The shark bit Rick on the leg and didn’t let go.

“It’s got me; it’s got me,” Rick shouted over and over as he screamed in pain.

Rick and Josh then proceeded to try and pin the shark, holding it as still as possible, while other members of the crew rushed to find a knife.

Once Josh had the knife in his hands, he killed the shark, freeing Rick from its jaws.

Rick quickly took a seat to get off his injured leg. He then asked for some bleach so that he could disinfect the wound. He took the bottle, poured bleach over his leg, and then wrapped the injury with paper towels and duct tape.

After dealing with the bite, Rick grabbed the wheel and took everyone back to the dock.