Man Sentenced to Prison After Getting Job on & Not Vetting Employer

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Scam artists have become much more prevalent with social media’s popularity. Sadly, even job postings are now a potential source for con artists and traffickers. Most of these scams try to pry money out of the unsuspecting, but some scams are much more sinister. One man found this out the hard way when he was arrested for trying to send weapons overseas.

Douglas Glover of Birmingham, Alabama, had trouble finding full-time work for the past few years. He put his resume on with the hopes of finding work that paid decently. After a few weeks of having his resume on the website, he received an email from someone named “Ginger M. Towers” from a company calling itself “North Star Freight.”

Essentially, the job entailed re-shipping packages for $25 a piece. It started when a package sent to Glover was intercepted by postal inspectors. According to The Daily Beast, an iPad bought with stolen credit card information was sent to Glover’s home.

Investigators concluded he was being scammed and informed him that if he kept sending these packages, he would face federal charges. That was enough to scare Glover who then emailed Mr. Towers to tell him he was quitting.

“I hate to inform u, but i can not receive packages anymore. So i am quitting this position. Please stop shipment of any other packages,” he wrote.

In turn, Towers, who commonly used broken English in the emails with Glover, sent numerous “urgent” emails that claimed the investigators who spoke to him were actually frauds who were trying to ruin his business.

Glover believed his employer with no idea he was ultimately setting himself up for jail time. He started sending packages again for Mr. Towers, but on December 16th, 2016, Glover received more than typical iPads he normally repackaged and mailed.

The Daily Mail reported Glover was sent 108 30-round capacity AK-47 magazines to his home, along with another box of 60 extended clips for Glock handguns. Ironically, the box was labeled “toy parts.”

Investigators would probably have had no idea of the packages’ contents if a taped corner of the box had not broken open, spilling the contents of the box. An empty AK mag fell out, warranting an inspection of both packages headed to Glover.

In April, the 37-year-old man was arrested and later sentenced to 16 months in jail after he pled guilty to one count of attempted unlawful exportation of firearms.