Man Sentenced to One Year Probation for ‘Repeatedly Trying to Penetrate a Car’s Tailpipe’

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Ryan Scott Malek, 24, was the subject of a criminal complaint that detailed his multiple attempts to have sex with a parked car by trying to penetrate the tailpipe. While police stated that Malek was intoxicated during the incident, having a blood alcohol level four times the legal limit, that doesn’t mean the 24-year-old was able to escape punishment.

The original incident happened on May 1 in Newton, Kansas, according to a report by the Daily Mail. Malek, a Newton resident, made multiple attempts to penetrate the tailpipe of a parked vehicle.

A 911 call was placed by a witness, who informed local authorities that a man was beneath a vehicle.

When first responders arrived at the scene, they approached Malek, who was said to be “oblivious” to his actions as he attempted to penetrate the tailpipe.

When he ignored commands from the officers, who were requesting that he cease any attempts to have sex with the car’s tailpipe immediately, officers were forced to taser Malek.

Malek was subsequently handcuffed and taken to an area hospital.

Ultimately, Malek pleaded guilty to lewd and lascivious behavior, a misdemeanor. He was sentenced to one year of probation and received a $200 fine, according to court documents.

This wasn’t Malek’s first run-in with the authorities. He was previously arrested for aggravated assault and the use of a deadly weapon, according to logs kept by the Newton police.

Malek also had a prior arrest for the possession of marijuana.