Man Sends Out “Murder Scene” Photos of His Wife to Family and Friends. Then the Cops Show Up

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A man in Ohio sent out the photos of the his wife’s “murder scene” to several family friends and members of their extended family this week.

Obviously, those who received the images were distraught and at least three people called the police, who promptly sent a large presence to the couple’s home.


There’s just one thing, the whole thing was fake. The couple had staged the photos and then sent them out as a prank. T

The blood was simply ketchup and Nataleigh Schlette, the woman in the tub, was a willing participant in the whole thing.

The situation quickly got out of hand as some family members responded by telling the husband, Micah Risner, how to cover his tracks, while others immediately called the police.


According to a report from the Daily Mail:

Police Chief John Orzech told that the couple had indicated Risner’s sister had allegedly stolen money from them and it was their way of trying to get her to come back to the house.

‘We sent a lot of people there. The mother that had called us on 911 was very distraught thinking this was real,’ Orzech said.

He described the ordeal as a very ‘bad joke’.

It is not clear how many people Risner sent the photos to. Police released copies of some the text messages Risner had sent to his sister after sending out the crime scene photos.

The ruse did not work to get Risner’s sister to come back to the house, but it did get her to try and help him cover up the supposed crime as shown in the following message exchange:



The conversation kept going:



At least three other people called the police after viewing the messages. Police described the callers as “hysterical.”

When the police showed up they took the couple into custody and charged them both with “inducing panic.”