Man Sees His Stolen Car Driving Down the Street. Forces Thief Out of Vehicle and Beats Him [VIDEO]

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Sometimes criminals are just too stupid for their own good, and karma circles back around much quicker than you might expect. A New Jersey man was literally on his way Sunday evening to fill out a police report for his stolen Honda Civic when he noticed his missing vehicle being driven down the road. Needless to say, he began chasing after it.

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The owner of the stolen car was driving a minivan to the police station when he followed and eventually caught up to his vehicle and pulled in front of it to stop the thief from escaping. Instead of calling the cops, the owner took matters into his own hands – literally.

The unnamed owner pulled the driver,Ephraim Diaz, from his car and began to beat him. It was all captured on video by a bystander who filmed the incident from across the street.

The video shows the owner punching Diaz. Shortly into the video, Diaz tries to run across the street, but he stumbles and falls. The owner continues to attack, kicking the thief when he was down.

A woman, who was in the car with Diaz, can be heard yelling for the owner to stop beating Diaz. The 20-second video ends with the thief finally breaking free and running across the street. Police sirens can be heard off in the distance.

Diaz was eventually chased down and charged with taking a vehicle without permission. When Diaz was arrested, he was adamant that it was loaned to him by a friend, and he didn’t steal the vehicle.

The owner told law enforcement that he last saw the vehicle Saturday night around 10 p.m. and that he didn’t lend the vehicle to anyone; it was stolen.

The Bayonne Police Department is still investigating the incident, but it just goes to show that if you ever borrow a vehicle from a friend, make sure its not stolen. It could save you from a public beat down in the street.

h/t Daily Mail