Man Sees His Dog Kicked on Day Care Camera. He Caught the Next Flight Back to Confront Them. [VIDEO]

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One dog owner didn’t take signs that his pet was being abused lightly. After viewing footage from the doggie day care’s webcam, showing his dog being kicked and dragged through the facility, he immediately cut his vacation short, flying back to confront the owner’s and having his sister quickly retrieve his pet.

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Mike La Salvia was on vacation in Mexico and had left his dog, Leo, at the franchise Tails R Waggin Doggie Daycare located in Tallmadge, Ohio. According to a report on WGNTV, he had left Leo at the location multiple times and never experienced a problem prior to the incident.

On December 15, La Salvia accessed the facility’s webcam online and witnessed a Tails R Waggin employee kicking his dog and dragging Leo by his collar across the floor.

La Salvia, a resident of Cuyahoga Falls, stated that he felt “total pain” after seeing the footage, saying, “I haven’t really slept since I saw the video.”

He spent 48 hours in various airports as he tried to get himself home.

“When you leave your dog with those centers you just assume that they are having a great time, they are playing,” said La Salvia’s sister, Nancy. “But you don’t know,” she added.

Three locations operate under the Tails R Waggin name throughout the Akron area, but the site involved in the incident is a franchise. Rebecca Brockmeyer, the founder and owner of the company, stated that the franchise owner agreement between the organization and site operator had been revoked.

“I am extremely sorry,” said Brockmeyer. “Never in a million years did I think this would happen.”

Brockmeyer also issued a statement about the incident, stating, “I conclude my statement with a plea to the public to not group this entire company and all its amazing staff members in with one incident that none of them had any involvement in or participated in.”

She added, “We are working on a quick and effective resolution to ensure this never happens again at one of our facilities.”

La Salvia asserts he plans to file a police report against the employee featured in the video.