Man Rigged His Home with Shotgun Shell Booby Traps. Accidentally Shoots Himself

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At about 1:30 pm local time on Tuesday, law enforcement officers responded to a discharging-weapons call. When they arrived, they encountered a “disoriented” 73-year-old man who was screaming about “danger in the house.” As officers approached, they determined the man appeared to have “gunshot-types wounds to his body” that were apparently the result of a booby trap.

As deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene, a home in Tomball, Texas, the found the injured old man.

Initially, they believed the man had been shot.

When a deputy attempted to enter the home, a discharge of “some type” went off, wounding the deputy.

It was later determined that the man set booby traps throughout his home by rigging it with explosive devices. Officers believe the man was injured when one accidentally discharged.

“Evidently, he had encountered a lot of people trying to break into his house or had broken into his house,” said Senior Deputy Thomas Gilliland, according to a report by The Houston Chronicle.

“He took it upon himself to rig his home with explosive devices which were small metal-like objects containing a shotgun shell.”

The man, who was not identified by authorities, was taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries. The injuries sustained by the deputy when he encountered a booby trap were also considered not to be serious.

A SWAT team was sent to disarm the home, removing explosives from the doors and windows.

”Booby-trapping one’s home is against the law in the state of Texas,” Gilliland stated. “To rig your home any way that will deter people from breaking into your home.”

Later, Gilliland added that deputies were planning to meet with the district attorney’s office to decide if the man would face charges.