Man Reports to Work in a Dress in Protest of Anti-Shorts Policies

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The ability to wear shorts on the job isn’t a luxury many men are afforded. Joey Barge, a 20-year-old call center worker, decided to push the limits of his company’s dress code by donning a pair of semi-professional shorts but was told his attire wouldn’t fly. And, at that moment, he was determined to fight the double standard.

As reported by CNN, Barge hit Twitter to express his discontent with the dress code, pointing out that women were allowed to wear skirts and dresses in the office and questioning why he couldn’t be dressed in shorts if such policies existed.

With the perceived double standard in mind, Barge decided to try his luck once more. This time, he reported to the office wearing a dress.

After seeing Barge’s colorful attire, his company updated their policies, allowing men to wear shorts. They also set out some guidelines, requiring them to be ¾ length and be in colors deemed business appropriate, such as beige, black, or navy.

Barge considered the shift a “partial win,” but he had to get creative to meet the standards as office appropriate shorts aren’t highly available in most clothing stores.

“I bought chinos and cut them and pressed them to make them smart,” said Barge on Twitter. “It’s better than trousers.”

The change may be considered part of a larger trend in the male fashion arena. Recently, male rompers have been taking social media by storm, with advocates both for and against the trend making themselves known.

“Formal” shorts for men have also been spotted on the red carpet, such as a pair worn by Pharrell Williams.

Whether the trend will continue beyond the summer has yet to be seen.